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  • Brittany Lashua, PhD, LPC

COVID-19: Anxiety and 6 ways to combat it

Lately, as we awake each morning, there is a sobering fact that the numbers of those impacted specifically in the United States are growing… exponentially. (Although this is happening all over the world.

It is easy/natural to be consumed by be worry, doubt, and fear as face unexpected times.

Anxiety rears its ugly head in many ways:

  • Struggling to fall asleep or waking up at night

  • Aches and pains

  • Extreme agitation or hyper vigilance

  • Shutting down and withdrawing

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Avoidance

  • Anticipation of doom or losing control

  • Unwanted, stuck thoughts

  • Constant worry and rumination

  • Feeling unsafe

  • Avoidance of social situations

Much of anxiety is commonly fought by acknowledging the irrational nature of the thought/belief/feeling. However, when you look at this list, many of these things are not irrational given the current state of the world/country and may be even more rational given one’s geographical location.

So how do we deal well with anxiety when we aren’t facing something that’s irrational?

  1. We seek validation from trustworthy others in our life. We share the things that are distressing and listen to their feedback with an open mind.

  2. Take time to calm and quiet the body and mind (e.g. relaxation, guided imagery, deep breathing)

  3. Learning to observe your own limits in what you can and cannot control.

  4. Positive Self-talk

  5. Focusing on one thing at a time as a means of slowing your nervous system.

  6. Sitting with compassion in light of the emotions that seem overwhelming

If you’ve been in therapy or read some self-help books, you might know how to do many of these things.

For those of you who do not know or need a reminder, I am going to start taking a bite out of each of these steps and teaching you how to do these things at home.

As a community, we MUST rally together if we are to get through this thing strong as a community.

As always, MHC has you in mind and we are thinking about you. We want you to know you are not alone--even as you are isolated in your own home.

Brittany Lashua, PhD, LPC

Owner & Clinical Director

DeGangi, G. A. (2012). The dysregulated adult: Integrated treatment approaches. Academic Press.

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