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  • Brittany Lashua, PhD, LPC

COVID-19: Sitting with you amidst uncertainty

As we are all aware, Coronaviris (COVID-19) has made its unfortunate presence known in our communities. We want to take a moment to reach out to you in an effort to inform you on our response to the impact COVID-19 has and may have to our organization. I want to start by sharing MHC’s intention and heart behind all we do as we respond to COVID-19. We seek to be thoughtful, informed, and utilize an abundance of caution as we believe it is our job to provide care that puts you first. As we seek to best serve you and our communities, we believe in a socially responsible approach and to honor the direction the President has asked the country to take. In all we do, we are strategically thinking through ways to effectively communicate that we have you in mind. With that said, as of 3/19 Mind and Heart Counseling will be moving to video sessions through our Simple Practice platform. You will receive an email with your direct link for your video session on the day of your appointment. Our hope is that we will be able to resume in person sessions on 4/1. However, we will continue to stay in line with federal, state and local guidelines as we proceed forward. We will continue to communicate with you of any changes. If issues arise with the platform (e.g. overloaded, sound/video issues) your counselor will communicate with you personally an alternate method. Additionally, if sessions need to be cancelled during this season due to illness and/or childcare issues—the cancellation fee will be waived. We value you and we want you to know that your health mentally, physically, and emotionally is a priority to us. As per our usual, please give us as much notice as you can so we can best honor each other and our relationship in season as we rally together. Parents, if your kid/teen is in a session, please make sure you give them privacy so we can ensure they are getting the best possible care. Just like adults, it can make it hard to be honest if you are worried you're being listened to. We appreciate you working with us on this to ensure we're best caring for the most precious person in your life. We are thinking about each of you in this season. Please let me know how we can support you and best care for you. Brittany Lashua, PhD, LPC Owner & Clinical Director

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