Pablo Reyna, MA, LPC



There are times in life when we need a little help navigating the tough stuff. We all face difficulties and I think it’s the bravest and most courageous among us who seek out counselors like myself that come out the other side stronger and more confident. As a Clinician, my goal is to help others better understand the complications that can occur in life on a daily basis and how to maintain a balance, so those problems do not define them as a person. My hope is to help people understand what counseling truly is and is able to do for them in the correct setting. Ultimately, I’m here to help them grow as a person.

Education & Experience

I received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Faith Development from East Texas Baptist University. I then received a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling from Amberton University.

For the last seven years I have worked with clients including but not limited to adults, couples, and families dealing with anxiety, depression, substance abuse, addiction, marital problems, anger problems, and vast other areas of mental health in clinical and hospital settings.

I love to spend time with family taking road trips to the beach. I’m a self-proclaimed comic book nerd and geek. I love going to conventions and meet & greets to get to know the actors behind the characters we see on screen. My biggest fan moment was meeting Stan Lee before he passed away. What an unforgettable moment!